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The pages in this section provide information on the standards and guidelines for the BC Geographic Warehouse (BCGW).

  1. Data Classification and Hierarchy describes the way data is grouped in the BCGW, and related presentations in iMap and the Layer Library in ArcGIS.
  2. Data Delivery refers to the way the DataBC Program receives data that is being published in the BCGW.
  3. Data Replication Using FME describes the replication mechanisms for refreshing or updating data in the BCGW.
  4. Data Standards describes how to sturucture your data for publishing in the BCGW.
  5. Layer File Presentation provides guidance on how to build ArcGIS layerfiles for presentation in iMap and the Layer Library in ArcGIS.
  6. Roles and Responsibilities describes the required persons and how they are involved in the Data Delivery process.