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This page describes the requirements and optiopns for presenting spatial data from the BC Geographic Warehouse (BCGW) in multiple web-mapping services.

Table of Contents



Spatial datasets in the BCGW may be configured for web-mapping services, this requires:

  1. A published spatial dataset in the BC Geographic Warehouse.
  2. A metadata record.
  3. A profile defined as one of the Security options below.
    • Named Users is the only profile that requires additional configuration.
  4. A presentation layer as created with the Layer File Presentation document
    • And published through to iMapBC production.


  • Large datasets or with wide variety of size differences may see perfomance issues.
    • For certain datasets, like regional boundaries, a generalized dataset can be created to be used in web-mapping service.


Type Subtype Layer File Library iMapBC
for published presentations
WMS Network Link KML BC Maphub Feature Layer
Security Public
Security IDIR   Not Available *
Security Business BCeID     Not Available *
Security Named Users
can be a mix of IDIR and Business BCeID
Not Available Not Available Not Available *
Area of Interest Entire dataset
uses Default (Outline, All, etc)
Area of Interest Subset dataset
using Definition Queries

using Definition Queries

using Definition Queries
Not Available Not Available
Tabular   Not Available
joins are not supported
Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available