ArcGIS Online Digital Application - Glossary

Account Types

Single-User accounts can be Enterprise (use your IDIR to sign-in) or non-Enterprise (you manage your own password). If you’re a Python user and wish to use it with ArcGIS Online choose the non-Enterprise type.

Multi-User (aka Proxy) accounts:

  • Require the number of users to be specified and tracked.
  • Have limited privileges to facilitate access to BC’s Map Hub content when individuals do not have a need for their own account.
  • Are typically shorter term Project specific accounts, often used to facilitate review and approval of content in BC’s Map Hub.
  • Are owned and managed by an existing Single-User Creator account on BC’s Map Hub.
  • May incur charges related to credit consumption such as storage or premium service usage.
  • Profile will be set to “Private” (e.g. “Who can see your profile”).

Proxy Account Owner Responsibilities:

  • Creating a specific Group for the map/app.
  • Inviting the Proxy Account to the Group and ensuring the Account is able to access required project resources.
  • Ensuring the individuals provided the Proxy Account credentials are Internal Government users or known external users only.
  • Ensuring the individuals provided the Proxy Account are limited to minimal viable accessibility/functionality as required by the project.
  • Ensuring that the Proxy Account profile property “Who can see your profile?” remains set to “No one (private)”.

User Types

Esri categorizes accounts by User Type. User Types provide a level of control over what privileges and capabilities are available to the account and are integral to Esri’s pricing structure.

Viewer - restricted to viewing and using layers, maps, scenes and apps.

Editor - In addition to Viewer capabilities, Editors are also able to edit data via desktop applications or mobile devices when wifi or network is available.

Fieldworker - In addition to Editor capabilities, Fieldworker have access to Field apps including Collector and Survey123 allowing for data collection in the field without wifi or network connectivity.

Creator - In addition to Fieldworker capabilities, Creator are able to configure their own solutions including creating Maps and Apps, and also have the ability to share content to others.

User Roles

The custom User Roles on BC’s Map Hub further controls what privileges are available to the account(i.e. privileges to edit data, create content, use premium content, share content…)

Emergency Role Accounts are available only to business units that require immediate sharing to everyone/public privileges to support needs during imminent emergencies (not intended for day to day business operations). When time permits, content shared to public by Emergency Roles authors requires publishing request/checklist if authors intend to keep content for longer term. Else content must be unshared from public.


Privileges are assigned to User Roles and further define what a user can do in ArcGIS Online.

Premium Content privileges are currently disabled but may be available on a case by case. Premium content consumes service credits. We encourage users with access to use ArcMap/ArcPro where service credits are not required.

Public Content

Sharing content to public requires completion of metadata, GCPE and Director approvals and submission of checklist/request form. Admins will share content on behalf of users who submit requests. Users who intend to make content available to public should ensure they are familiar with they process and allocate time to prepare content and complete the checklist in good time.