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  • See the full list of value options for drop down fields, see the BCDC Schema
  • See all documented changes in the Change Log

How to manage records using the Catalogue API

To use the Catalogue API to manage and create metadata records one must be an editor/publisher. Review How to Become a Provider to the Catalogue for more information.

See the common calls page to find how to get your API key and other information you may require.

How to create a package with the API

  • Listed are all mandatory fields but there are other fields that can be populated and encourage that they are.

under construction

import ckanapi

# To change host between prod and test, use the following: production = 'catalogue'; test = 'toyger'
# To see possible values for pick lists the schema is available at:
	* https://github.com/bcgov/ckanext-bcgov-schema/blob/master/ckanext/bcgov_schema/bcdc_dataset.json
ckan = ckanapi.RemoteCKAN('https://catalogue.data.gov.bc.ca', apikey='YOUR-APIKEY-HERE')

resp = ckan.action.package_create(
    type="bcdc_dataset",  # This is a fixed value
    title="Title of my Dataset",  # Can be anything
    name="title-of-my-dataset",  # Should be title in all lowercase with dashes
    owner_org="ORG_ID_HERE",  # ID of organization
    notes="Notes on dataset",  # Useful notes on dataset
    license_id="2",  # Licence ID (example is Open Government License - BC)
    # Contacts is bit harder to read needs because its an array of JSON objects in an escaped string
    # Make sure to surround all keys and values with escaped quotes \"
    # name - your name
    # email - your email
    # org - your organization ID, probably same as above
    # role - your role as a contact, possible values in schema (linked above)
    # displayed - true or false, at least one must be true
    contacts="[{\"name\":\"Your Name\",\"email\":\"name@your.domain\",\"org\":\"ORG_ID_HERE\",\"role\":\"pointOfContact\",\"displayed\":true}]",
    security_class="PUBLIC",  # Possible values in schema (linked above)
    view_audience="Public",  # Possible values in schema (linked above)
    download_audience="Public",  # Possible values in schema (linked above)
    metadata_visibility="Public",  # Possible values in schema (linked above)
    tag_string="test",  # Comma separated, needs at least one value
    publish_state="DRAFT",  # Should always be DRAFT
    resource_status="planned"  # Possible values in schema (linked above)

How to update a package with the API using package_patch

  • Is used to update just specific fields within a package.
import ckanapi

# to change host between prod and test, use the following: production = 'catalogue'; test = 'cat'
ckan = ckanapi.RemoteCKAN('https://catalogue.data.gov.bc.ca', apikey='YOUR-APIKEY-HERE')

resp = ckan.action.package_patch(