Create an Open Government Licence

The Broader Public Sector (BPS) may publish records in the B.C Data Catalogue but is not permitted to use the OGL-BC and thus must create their own. Other organizations may also use this as a template. These are suggested steps to create an Open Government Licence for your organization.

Data Publishers in the Broader Public Sector (BPS)

Table of Contents

Create a copy of the licence

Copy our Open Government Licence - British Columbia, as it is consistent with Federal and other Local Governments

Modify the licence

Modify the following text to suit your organization. The following example uses the BC Energy Regulator.

Licence Name

Change the licence name from Open Government License – British Columbia to Open Government License – BC Energy Regulator

Change the name of the licence in the text:

Change all references of Open Government Licence - British Columbia to match your organization.

  • In this example, change from
    • Contains information licensed under the Open Government Licence – British Columbia to
    • Contains information licensed under the Open Government Licence – BC Energy Regulator

Information Provider change:

Change the Information Provider to suit your organization:

  • In this example
    • means Her Majesty the Queen/His Majesty the King in right of the Province of British Columbia. to
    • means B.C Energy Regulator.

Versioning change:

We recommend using version 1.0 as a starting number

  • In this example:
    • This is version 2.0 of the Open Government Licence for Government of British Columbia Information. to
    • This is version 1.0 of the Open Government Licence for BC Energy Regulator Information.

Add a note to indicate the jurisdiction of your licence

  • In this example:
    • Note: as per B.C. Government Copyright, the following licence only applies to records in the B.C. Data Catalogue that specifies it.

Publish the licence

Publish the OGL to a public site so that it can add it to the drop down list of licence options.