Do you have a dataset that you’d like to publish through the DataBC Program? Before your data is published, we will need to gather some information from you. The questions on this page will help the DataBC Data Architecture Services team learn about your requirements and to determine whether the DataBC Program can meet them.

Data Publishers


The DataBC Program makes data available through combinations of several different channels:

In addition, other agencies provide mechanisms for accessing DataBC data:

Hosting data in these products allows for access through these services and/or products Under Construction

Service BC Data Catalogue BC Geographic Warehouse BC MapHub
Webmapping - iMapBC
Webmapping - iMapBC - Secure
Webmapping - SMK
Webmapping - WMS
Webmapping - WFS Not listed at this time
Webmapping - BC MapHub
Direct connect - GTS
Direct connect - Layer library
Download service - Data Catalogue
Download service - iMapBC
BC Data Catalogue  

There are five options for where data gets stored in the DataBC Program, each with its own benefits and drawbacks:

  BC Geographic Warehouse BC Data Catalogue BC MapHub External site
Security - Public
through the public publication request form
Security - IDIR
for metadata only
Security - Named Users
Security - Role-based
in combination with Public, IDIR, Named Users
Security - BCeID
Format BCGW dataset (Oracle object), ArcGIS Rest, atom, cded, cvs, e00, fgdb, geojson, georss, gft, html, json, kml, kmz, openapi-json, pdf, rdf, shp, tsv, txt, wms, wmts, xls, xlsx, xml, zip, other Oracle object (spatial and non-spatial) WMS, WFS, Shapefile, CSV, TXT, GPX, GeoJSON Any Any
File Size   catalogue file store < 150 MB and datasets configured via Distribution Service: < 2 GB zipped < 500 MB > 150 MB Any
Download - entire dataset
for BCGW datasets: re-directed to the BC Data Catalogue
for standalone datasets: direct download
Download - subset dataset
Spatial data - view in iMap BC
Spatial data - view in desktop mapping applications (i.e. ArcGIS, QGIS)
once downloaded

can open data in ArcGIS via BC MapHub
Spatial data - view WMS (Web-Map Service)
once downloaded
Spatial data - view WFS (Web Feature Service)
once downloaded
Spatial data - view in BC MapHub
Non-spatial data (csv) - view preview
Non-spatial data (csv) - view point data on a map