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Publishing new or modified BC Geographic Warehouse objects requires coordination between multiple partners including DataBC staff, the contractor involved, and the project’s business analyst.

This page describes the roles and responsibilities involved in publishing data to the BC Geographic Warehouse through the Data BC program.

Data Publishers Business Analysts Business Portfolio Managers Application Administrators

Table of Contents


Vendor Delivery Personnel

Responsibility: Vendor

  • Prepares Delivery Kit and ensures all Delivery Kit components are functioning in BCGW Delivery environment
  • Notifies DataBC DA Team when Delivery Kit is ready for Migration to Test and Production
  • Works with Business Area Data Manager and the DataBC DA Team to confirm database objects and data are correct in BCGW Delivery, Test, and Production.

DataBC Data Architecture Team

Responsibility: Ministry - DataBC

  • Books migrations to Test and Production
  • Approves migration to go to Test once notified by Vendor Delivery Personnel that the all scripts have successfully run in Delivery, the Business Area has approved the database objects in Delivery, and the Delivery Kit is available in the appropriate GoGS Repository.
  • Assists Business Area Data Manager to review data in Test and Production if required.
  • Coordinates activities with BC Data Catalogue Services and Data Population (ETL) Services teams
  • Contact via email: Data Architecture Services

Business Analyst/Business Portfolio Manager

Responsibility: Ministry

  • Represent the Business Area and appropriate Information Management Branch
  • Coordinate patches to operational sources in cases where warehouse objects replicate their data from line of business applications
  • Coordinate with the DataBC DA Team to schedule deliveries (to ensure operational goes first, then the warehouse follows)
  • Liaise with Business Area client (i.e., the Data Manager) as required

Business Area Data Manager

Responsibility: Ministry

  • Responsible for the data content (quality and completeness)
  • Verifies the data is loaded successfully in Delivery, Test, and Production

DataBC Delivery Specialist

Responsibility: Ministry - DataBC

  • Responsible for migrating contents of the Delivery Kit to BCGW Test and Production (i.e. DDL and security scripts, etc.)
  • Coordinates with Data Architecture Services to have data loaded in Test and Production
  • Notifies the DataBC DA Team on status of migration

DataBC Project Lead Spatial Data Architect

Responsibility: Ministry - DataBC

  • Responsible for initial population of data to tables in Test and Production if using FME scripts
  • Provides FME Replication details to BCGW ETL Specialist for on-going or ‘on demand’ replication scheduling
  • Establishes and enforces data model design standards
  • Ensures that data loading processes and data access activities follow best practices
  • Reviews and approves logical and physical model designs
  • Provides feedback and reviews on data delivery kits

DataBC ETL Specialist

Responsibility: Ministry - DataBC

  • Assists with data population of warehouse objects when FME is not involved
  • Deployment of FME scripts to appropriate replication server home
  • Configure and scheduling of ongoing replication processes