ArcGIS Online Digital Application - Account Holders Terms of Use:

You have applied for an ArcGIS Online Account to access the B.C’s Map Hub. Before receiving access you are required to read and agree with the following usage conditions:

  • I am currently an employee, contactor, agent or representative of the Province of British Columbia.
  • I understand that sharing my ArcGIS Online Account credentials is in violation of this access agreement and if my account credentials are found to have been shared, my account will be “disabled” and will require my supervisor to request reactivation. Exception: Proxy account credentials may by shared to known users up to the # specified by the account holder on the account request form.
  • I understand that on an annual basis my ArcGIS Online Account access will be reviewed, if my account has not be accessed for a pre-determined period of time (such as a year), it will be “disabled”, and will require my supervisor to request reactivation.
  • I understand that data presented in a map or application is covered under a license agreement (such as the Open Government License-BC) or Crown Copyright, usage is subject to the terms as specified in the ArcGIS Online item’s details page or related BC Data Catalogue metadata record.
  • I will follow the prescribed guidelines and process for publication of content to the public.
  • If the ArcGIS Online Role assigned to me allows me to build or update content (maps, apps, data, etc.) or use premium content, I understand that my Ministry/Agency will be responsible for payment of my credit usage.
  • I understand that the cost of my ArcGIS Account seat will be subject to Terms set out by the Esri License Coordinator/Information, Innovation and Technology Division, Chief Technology Officer and Delivery Management Branch.
  • I understand that sensitive, and/or personal information (as defined by FOIPPA), will not be uploaded/hosted/stored on B.C.’s Map Hub.
  • I understand that I will have access to the B.C.’s Map Hub Image folder(s) to save images for use in ArcGIS Online. I will remove images that are obsolete and/or are used in maps or applications that are archived.
  • I understand that the public may be able to view my B.C.’s Map Hub account profile and I will maintain the “Bio” section accordingly.
  • I understand that my access to the B.C.’s Map Hub may be limited or suspended if I violate the terms of this agreement.