Onboarding Options

COMS is now available as a shared hosted service as well as an application that you can customise and deploy in your own infrastructure. See our documentation of hosting considerations and deployment guide in the COMS wiki.

We have also launched BCBox, a user-interface for managing files, integrated with the hosted COMS service.

Hosted ServiceHosted Service
Common Object Management Service (COMS)
Feature List
  • Upload, download, manage and delete objects
  • Discover, update and manage object versions
  • Toggle general public access to objects
  • Grant and manage refined user object permissions
  • Add, update, and remove object metadata and tags
  • Flexible search and filter capabilities based on objects and user permissions
API Review
UI Integration
Manage and share your files through a web interface.
Docker DockerHub @bcgovimage

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Common Object Management Service Images
Common Object Management Service
This image provides a fast way to set up an object management API with a range of features focusing on object management, permission control, and object discovery.