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We provide API Access, Docker Images, and NPM Packages for the Common Document Generation Service.

components API Access through the API Services Portal
Common Document Generation Service (CDOGS)
API Capability

The API can generate any PDF or XML-based documents such as docx, xlsx, pptx, odt, ods, odp, and html. Examples of XML-based editors include Microsoft Office™, LibreOffice™ or OpenOffice™.

  • Merge complex datasets into document templates
  • Supports any XML-based document templates including but not limited to Microsoft Office™, LibreOffice™ or OpenOffice™
  • Rich templating library support leveraging the Carbone JS library
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See in Action
Showcase App
The Document Generation Showcase demonstrates the capabilities of the Common Document Generation Service API (CDOGS). You will also find example templates you can download to get you started within this demo app.
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Common Document Generation Service Images
Common Document Generation Service
This image provides a fast way to set up a container (Alpine Linux, NodeJS, the LibreOffice library).

Alpine Node LibreOffice
The main CDOGS image (above) is built on this dependency image that contains the open source LibreOffice application running on Alpine Node. Alpine Node is a minimal Node.js built on Alpine Linux.