Using BCBox, you can use a website to access cost-effective storage and easily share files with coworkers, partners, or the public. All you need is an S3 bucket to get started.

Onboarding Options

Simply go to BCBox to get started.

We also offer Common Object Management Service (COMS) as a shared hosted service or application you can customize and deploy in your own infrastructure.

Hosted ServiceHosted Service
Feature List
  • A web interface to upload and download files
  • File access control and permission management
  • Secure file sharing with BCeID/IDIR users and the public
  • File search and ability to add tags and metadata to your files
  • File versioning
  • Connects to any S3-compatible object-storage service (eg: Dell ECS or AWS S3)
  • Integrates with other apps using the SSO ‘Standard’ Keycloak realm