Team Silva is modernizing the Reporting Silviculture Updates and Land Status Tracking System (RESULTS).

In B.C., rights to harvest timber on Crown land are granted through timber tenures. By law, tenure holders must reforest the land when the harvest is complete. The goal is sustainable forest management and associated objectives.

RESULTS is the application that helps meet these obligations. It’s a database of information on silviculture accomplishments and land base investments. This includes harvesting and natural disturbances, stocking standards, planting activities, and tree species. Its data is also used to support land use decisions and key initiatives.

RESULTS is being modernized because it:

  • Is incompatible with modern browsers
  • Has high maintenance costs
  • Relies on time consuming manual workarounds
  • Employs a challenging user interface (UI)
  • Generates error messages that are hard to understand and challenging to correct, and
  • Makes user authorization cumbersome

Modernization aims to address these and other issues and create a new application that meets the needs of all users.

Historically applications are renamed when they’re modernized. Silva will be the name of the new tracking application. It was chosen because silva means forest in Latin, is the root word of “silviculture”, and is the name of the team developing it.

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