Forestry Digital Services

The Forestry Digital Services program (formerly known as the FSA Forestry Suite of Applications Program) is a five-year capital project program to modernize over 40 applications and to create new digital products and services.

A driver of this change is Modernizing Forest Policy in British Columbia which outlines government’s vision for forestry. B.C.’s forestry policy framework is two decades old and is inadequate for today’s challenges. So now is the time to modernize forestry in ways that also support StrongerBC, B.C.’s economic recovery plan.

For more information about modernization, see our introductory video.

The program’s mission

Our mission is to:

  1. Develop sustainable and modern digital services that support government’s forest-based initiatives.
  2. Align the ministry’s digital products and services with its priorities.
  3. Meet the needs of Indigenous people, industry partners, NR ministries, and the public.