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The Common Components team is working on ways to reduce the time and cost of delivering digital products and services. We plan to achieve this by making it easy to find, onboard to and use components like code and microservices that solve common problems across government. Our work is a priority action in BC’s Digital Framework.

This work is not a new concept. Several teams across the BC Public Service are creating reusable digital building blocks that can be used across government. Examples include the Natural Resource Common Services Team, the BC Services Card Team, the DevOps Platform team and several others.

We’re working to amplify these teams’ important work. Our user-focused team is working to make it easy for others across government to find, onboard to and use common components. Where we find gaps and unmet needs, we’ll fill them, seeking wherever possible to reuse components from other jurisdiction or the open source community.

We’re part of the Exchange Lab team, and you can find us at the lab at 1012 Douglas Street in Victoria, British Columbia.

What you’ll find here

The Common Components team maintains this site. This is where we’ll share what we’re working on, what we learn and how our work is going.

We expect to post and maintain the following content:

  • Background on our work;
  • Links to articles and resources where you can learn more about common components;
  • Findings from our research and discovery work;
  • Details on the products and services we’re working on;
  • Information about how to contribute to common components;
  • News and updates from our team;
  • Information on our progress and results.

You can keep up to date on our work here. We’ll also post weeknotes every week where you can follow our progress.

For developer-specific resources for any of our products and services, please see the DevHub.

How we work

We work using an agile development process. We plan, organize and prioritize our work using an approach called mission command.

We translate findings from our user research, analysis and discussions with other teams into clear, prioritized “missions”. Each mission describes the target users, the problem we’re solving, a well-shaped solution idea, potential risks, expected benefits and an approach to measuring success. Every month, we meet with our leadership team to share results of previous missions and prioritize and plan for upcoming missions.

You can follow our work using this open roadmap. This is where we track our current and potential future missions.

How to get involved

We’re just getting started on discovery and user research. If you’re a part of the Digital BC community, whether you work in policy, architecture, development, design or product management, we’d love to meet with you as part of our early work and user research. To get in touch with us, you can:

How to contribute to this site

Please do offer your feedback on how well our content supports your team’s work. You can contribute issues directly to this github repository for things that need to be fixed.


bcgov/common-components-wiki is licensed under the Apache License 2.0