fasstr 0.3.2 2020-11-07

Updated: 06 Nov 2020


  • Added calc_annual_peaks() function to calculate both annual n-day min. and max. flows with dates of occurrence.
  • Added error in volume frequency analysis when providing zero or negative flow values to the logPIII dist.
  • Updated volume frequency analysis documentation.
  • Updated all vignettes for package updates, corrections, and issues.
  • Added new ‘Get Started’ vignette
  • Updated Cheatsheet
  • changed yield terminology to water yield from runoff yield
  • changed plot axis titles with expression()’s (i.e. m3/s –> cms)

fasstr 0.3.1 2020-01-09

Updated: 08 Jan 2020


  • added/modified files in prep for CRAN submission
  • fixed vignette coding errors
  • renamed function calc_longterm_mad to calc_longterm_mean
  • updated vignettes and README files
  • removed calc_longterm_stats and plot_longterm_stats
  • updated Examples in all documentation (replaced \dontrun{} with a function checking for a HYDAT, left for writing functions and larger analyses)
  • fixed multiple typos
  • updated DESCRIPTION file

fasstr 0.3.0 Unreleased

Updated: 14 May 2019


  • Removed logical “water_year” argument and now “water_year_start” controls the start of year alone (default now 1 for January)
  • Renamed calc_longterm_stats and plot_longterm stats to calc_longterm_daily_stats and plot_longterm_daily_stats
  • Renamed ‘include_year’ argument to ‘add_year’ for some functions
  • complete_full_analysis just creates R objects; a new write_full_analysis saves the results in a single Excel document, with some plots in a plots folder; renamed ‘sections’ to ‘analyses’
  • add_date_variables() outputs changed slightly to match new water_year_start argument
  • Replaced NULL and NA default values for function arguments to nothing, cleaning up documentation.
  • Replaced the package writexls with openxls for more functionality
  • Plotting: changed facet wrap labels, changed trending symbols
  • WSC station numbers with lower-case letters now accepted (08nm116 and 08NM116 both work)
  • basin_area argument as list now will default to HYDAT area if not listed, otherwise NA
  • Return Period axis has returned to the frequency analysis plot
  • Updated all documentation examples
  • Internal coding (MonthName levels coding cleaned up)


  • calc_longterm_monthly_stats and plot_longterm_monthly_stats that summarizes annual monthly mean flows data
  • calc_longterm_daily_stats and plot_longterm_daily_stats that summarizes daily mean flows data (calc_longterm_stats equivalent)
  • write_full_analysis writes the full analysis and doesn’t create any objects in R
  • testthat functions for testing package (internal usage)

Bugs Fixed:

  • No warning now in annual functions if NA values produced for years listed in “exclude_years” argument

fasstr 0.2.8 Unreleased

Updated: 11 December 2018


  • README updates
  • Renamed calc_lt_mad() and calc_lt_percentile() to calc_longterm_mad() and calc_longterm_percentile(), respectively.
  • Changed the plot_missing_dates points and lines to bar plots.
  • changed add_seasons() function from adding two 4 and 2 seasons columns to adding own custom seasons of desired lengths. All subsequent function and documentation updated were also completed.
  • Renamed some annual and seasonal total volume axes, column names, and plots names.
  • Updated the licence year in .R files.
  • Temporarily removed ‘Return Period’ axis from frequency plots due to ggplot2 3.0.1 issues.

Bugs Fixed:

  • compute_full_analysis() now plots all daily statistics plots with years


  • New internal function add_water_months() to streamline some processes

fasstr 0.2.7 Unreleased

Updated: 27 September 2018


  • compute_frequency_analysis() function to calculate a frequency analysis with custom data (update other frequency analysis functions to use this function internally)
  • Vignettes completed:
    • Users Guide
    • Full Analysis Guide
    • Trends Analysis Guide
    • Frequency Analysis Guide
    • Under the Hood


  • frequency analysis updates:
    • option to plot the computed curve or not
    • changed the names of the outputted objects
    • changed the measure names (rolling-day names of the annual_freq analysis (ex from Q007-day-avg to 7-Day))
    • All parameter documentation info in the compute_frequency_analysis function
    • updated full_analysis to include new changes
  • Completed Users Guide vignette
  • Completed Full Analysis vignette
  • Completed Frequency Analysis Vignette
  • Updated filetype argument in the write_ functions
  • Updated some plot object names

Bug Fixes

  • Added trendline to trends plots in compute_full_analysis

fasstr 0.2.6 Unreleased

Updated: 28 June 2018


  • plot_annual_means() function to plot annual mean and long-term means


  • Axes breaks and ticks on most plots
  • Renamed compute_frequency_stat() to compute_frequency_quantile()
  • calc_ and plot_annual_stats, compute_frequency description updates
  • Renamed Timeseries folder to Screening in compute_full_analysis() function
  • README Updates
  • Vignettes (renamed full_analysis)

fasstr Unreleased

Updated: 19 June 2018

  • Fixed write_objects_list to save in folder it creates
  • Fixed calc_daily_stats to remove partial data years

fasstr 0.2.5 Unreleased

Updated: 18 June 2018


  • New write_objects_list() function to write all plots and tables from a list of objects (help with frquency analysis writing)
  • Added vignettes:
    • ‘fasstr’ Users Guide (to be completed)
    • Trending Analysis Guide (to be completed)
    • Volume Frequency Analysis Guide (to be completed)
    • Under the Hood (to be completed)

Major Function Updates:

  • Renamed write_full_analysis to compute_full_analysis which creates a list object with all results with option to write everything. Fixed various bugs and issues.
  • Joined compute_annual_trends and plot_annual_trends. It now consists of a list with a tibble of annual data, a tibble of trending results, and all trending plots
  • Added ‘months’ argument to calc_long_term() and all screening and missing data functions; also an include_longterm argument for longterm to choose whether to include or not

Other Updates:

  • Fixed bug where ‘groups’ column was not kept in resulting tibble, and add_basin_area(), add_rolling_means()
  • Removed Nan and Inf values from calc_monthly_stats when no data existed for a month
  • Plots of longterm_stats, daily_stats, and flow_duration plot nothing (instead of error) if all data is NA
  • Updated documentation for some functions
  • Removed colour brewer Set1 on some annual plots due to a lack of colours in set

fasstr 0.2.4 Unreleased

Updated: 8 May 2018

  • Fixed bug where groups function did not work if not “STATION_NUMBER”
  • Added warning if not all dates are dates in column
  • Added references in annual_flow_timing() and trending functions
  • Added ‘See Also’ documentation for many related functions
  • Removed error from daily and monthly cumulative stats/plots with no basin area (now produces NA)
  • Updated write_full_analysis so no section 7 is completed with insufficient data

fasstr 0.2.3 Unreleased

Updated: 17 April 2018

  • Updated write_full_analysis() documentation

fasstr 0.2.2 Unreleased

Updated: 17 April 2018

  • Added write_full_analysis() function to write almost almost all plots and tables in a folder
  • Added some interal checks functions

fasstr 0.2.1 Unreleased

Updated: 13 April 2018

  • Reformatted examples script in testing folder as a temporary help document until a vignette is built
  • Moved the previous examples script to a new testing script in the same folder

fasstr 0.2.0 Unreleased

Updated: 9 April 2018


  • Summarize and plot by multiple groups (ex. stations)
  • Selecting columns of dates, values, and groupings (ex. station numbers) when using ‘data’ argument
  • Exported data frames are tibbles
  • Exported plots (‘gg’ class) are within lists (multiple plots are produced with many plot_ functions)
  • Updated plot formatting
  • More functions utilizing rolling average days
  • More filtering arguments for some functions (months, complete_years)
  • ‘na’ argument is now ‘ignore_missing’ with default of FALSE for all functions
  • Additional write_, calc_, add_, compute_, and plot_ functions
  • Renaming of some functions
  • Exports pipe operator, %>%, to facilitate tidy analyses


  • Choice for writing within functions - moved to their own write_ data and plot functions


  • Reformatted internal structure, including adding internal functions for efficiency and argument checks
  • Used @Inheritparams to simplify documentation

fasstr 0.1.0 Unreleased

Updated: 9 Dec 2017

  • Initial package beta version
  • Use HYDAT argument to extract HYDAT data using ‘tidyhydat’ package
  • Included add_, calc_, compute_, and plot_functions
  • Included README with basic examples