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The CQL syntax to generate WFS calls does not current allow arithmetic operations. Therefore this function exists solely to generate an informative error that suggests an alternative approach to use mutate with bcdata

See dplyr::mutate for details.


# S3 method for bcdc_promise
mutate(.data, ...)



object of class bcdc_promise (likely passed from bcdc_query_geodata())


One or more unquoted expressions separated by commas. See details.

Methods (by class)

  • mutate(bcdc_promise): mutate.bcdc_promise


# \donttest{

## Mutate columns
  res <- bcdc_query_geodata("bc-airports") %>%
    mutate(LATITUDE * 100)
#> Error : You must type collect() before using mutate() on a WFS. 
#> After using collect() add this mutate call::
#>     mutate(LATITUDE * 100) 
# }