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Note this does not return the actual map features, rather opens an image preview of the layer in a Leaflet map window





either a bcdc_record object (from the result of bcdc_get_record()), a character string denoting the name or ID of a resource (or the URL) or a BC Geographic Warehouse (BCGW) name.

It is advised to use the permanent ID for a record or the BCGW name rather than the human-readable name to guard against future name changes of the record. If you use the human-readable name a warning will be issued once per session. You can silence these warnings altogether by setting an option: options("silence_named_get_data_warning" = TRUE) - which you can set in your .Rprofile file so the option persists across sessions.


# \donttest{
try( bcdc_preview("points-of-well-diversion-applications") ) #> Error : 'points-of-well-diversion-applications' is not a valid record id or name in the B.C. Data Catalogue # Using BCGW name try( bcdc_preview("WHSE_LEGAL_ADMIN_BOUNDARIES.ABMS_REGIONAL_DISTRICTS_SP") )
# }