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Aries OCA Bundles

This website (published from the Aries OCA Bundles GitHub repository) is human- and machine-readable registry of published Overlays Capture Architecture (OCA) Bundles to be used by Hyperledger Aries agents (issuers, holders and verifiers). The publishing process includes a lightweight governance process for ensuring those contributing to the repository are the "authority" over the OCA Bundles they submit/update, and that what they submit is, in fact, a valid OCA Bundle for a published Hyperledger AnonCreds Schema and/or Credential Definition. Once published, Aries agents following the OCA for Aries RFC guidance have an easy to implement process for finding, retrieving and using OCA Bundles for credentials that they need to display.

The OCA Bundles should follow the rules for OCA for Aries RFC OCA Bundles, including the OCA for Aries Style Guide RFC. Each OCA Bundle must be accompanied by some metadata about the credential, such as on what ledger the credential schema and/or credential definition (CredDef) reside, and may be accompanied by the full OCA Source data--Excel and JSON files. There are tools in the associated GitHub repository for converting OCA Source to the Bundle to make it easier for contributors.

Currently, the repository assumes that the OCA Bundles are for Hyperledger AnonCreds Verifiable Credentials. We expect that other formats, such as W3C Verifiable Credentials Data Model Standard JSON-LD credentials will eventually also be supported.

To see all of the OCA for Aries Bundles that have been published in this repository, use either the OCA Bundles tab, or the OCA Explorer tab. The OCA Bundles tab contains a page about each bundle in the repository, while the OCA Explorer tab provides a tool for experimenting with the branding of an OCA Bundle. Use the drop down to see/experiment with all the OCA Bundles in the registry, or upload your own OCA Bundle in the OCA Explorer to see how it will look.

Contributing an OCA Bundle

For information about contributing an OCA Bundle into the registry, please see the information in the Contributing section of this website.

Using these OCA Bundles in an Aries Agent

For information about using the OCA Bundles in this registry in an Aries Agent, please see the information in the Using OCA Bundles section of this website.