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The BCDevExchange exists at the leading edge of delivery-driven government in British Columbia. We live at a location called the Exchange Lab (formerly the Continuous Service Improvement - CSI - Lab), at 1012 Douglas Street in Victoria, British Columbia.

We are one of many labs around the world. Our Lab has a focus on building digital competencies and a more digital government, aligned to our Digital Framework.

To find the current state of the BCDevExchange Platform Services visit:

BCDevExchange Platform Services Status

What you’ll find here

This site is maintained by the Lab Operations team. This is where we share information and resources with Lab Residents, community members, and those curious about how we run the lab. We are constantly learning what works for our diverse clients. You’ll see the materials on this site improved frequently.

We anticipate posting and continuously improving the following content:

  • The process a team goes through to enter the lab (admittance criteria/assessment)
  • The journey a team takes to get through the lab and to deliver product
  • Resources for Lab resident teams, including a partnership agreement
  • Resources and services offered to Lab affliated (non-resident) teams
  • Value delivery reports and frameworks we use to improve our performance

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For developer specific resources, please see the DevHub

More About Us

We are here to improve people’s lives, address the province’s priorities and improve the public’s experience of government. To do this we work with program areas across government and we:

  • provide a platform of services to support the design and build of the digital public services,
  • train, coach and support delivery teams with enabling tools, community and methods, such as Agile,
  • define problems and remove barriers related to processes that slow us down or diminish our return on investment, and
  • partner across and beyond government to support the open collaboration, engagement and enablement of better service delivery.

The BCDevExchange organization embraces experimentation, innovation and empowerment. By adopting the principles, values and practices of the BCDevExchange, partner government entities adapt their typical ways of working to better align with leading practice amongst technology companies and digital agencies. As a result, the BCDevExchange is changing the way program areas throughout government and the broader public sector engage and work together.

At the Lab, we build Digital Delivery Teams. We train these teams in methods aligned to an Agile mindset, equip them with enabling processes and technology, and empower them to use these tools and teamwork to build better public services.

Delivery Teams at the Lab are surrounded by mentors and experts in DevOps, service design, behavioral insights, innovation, privacy, security, and data. These disciplines combine with the Agile approach to development to enable teams to deliver small increments of value quickly. Teams learn and improve their product with direct feedback from users every few weeks and deliver substantial value within a year.

These teams, connected and supported by the BCDevExchange, pay it forward to a growing community of change makers by offering learning events and mentorship. These and other programs and experiences offered at the Lab are continuously improved.

How to Contribute to this Site

Please do offer your feedback on how well our content supports your team’s operations at the lab. You can contribute issues directly to this github repository for things that need to be fixed, or email


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