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Define the Research Goals

Before starting any research, you should understand

  • What you’re trying to achieve
    • Do you want to understand your users’ behaviour?
    • Try out new features? Or both?
  • Which problems you’re trying to solve
  • Which assumptions or beliefs about your users or service you want to test
  • What you need to know now to be able to make an informed decision about what to do next

Create Research Goals

Design research should have clear goals. Work with your team to agree what you want to learn from your research. Keep your goals actionable and to the point.

Example: Identify the challenges of enrolling in the B.C. Medical Services Plan as a new immigrant

Create Research Questions

Research questions should help you answer your research goal. They are not the specific questions you’ll ask in a session.


  • How do new immigrants learn about the Medical Services Plan?
  • Are there external supports new immigrants use to access the enrollment application?
  • How many new immigrants use the digital form versus the paper form? Why?

Use research questions to help you plan and prioritize design research.

Your research goals and questions will help you choose which

You’ll use this information to start planning your research logistics.