SMK Usage Guide

A versatile and lightweight toolkit for building a simple web map.

This project is maintained by bcgov


Initializing SMK

There are 2 ways to initialize SMK in your application.

The first way is using the <script> element. This method is simple and limited, and is not reccommeded. It is supported for legacy purposes, and will probably not be supported in a later version.

The second way is using SMK.INIT. This method gives you much control over how SMK is initialized, and is the recommended method for using SMK.

Before you can initialize SMK, it must be installed in your codebase. See Installation for tips on installing SMK’s code in your application.

Initializing With <script> element

The easiest way to add SMK to your application, requiring you to add one <script> element, and one <div> element. The <script> element loads the smk.js library, which is then initialized using attributes from the <script> element. These are the attributes that can be provided in the <script> element:

If you are initializing SMK from the <script> element, then the smk-container-sel attribute is required, all other attributes are optional.

This is an example <script> element using all the SMK attributes.

<script src="smk/dist/smk.js"

If the smk-container-sel attribute is present, then SMK CANNOT be initialized with SMK.INIT (it will throw an exception).

If you need to have more than one instance of the map in your application, then you will have to include the SMK <script> element for each map, with, at least, a different smk-container-sel attribute.

Initializing With SMK.INIT

This is the best, and most flexible way to initialize SMK. The SMK library only needs to be loaded once, but SMK.INIT can be called as many times as necessary.

It is probably best to load SMK in the <head> element, then later in the <body> place the script to call SMK.INIT:

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>SMK Application</title>
        <script src="smk/dist/smk.js"></script>
        ....other stuff....
        ....other stuff....
        <div id="smk-map-frame"></div>
            SMK.INIT( {
                containerSel: '#smk-map-frame'
            } )



SMK.INIT( option )

Return value

A Promise that resolves to the smkMap object when the map is finished initialization. An error during initialization will cause the the promise to reject.

        containerSel:   '#smk-map-frame'
        config:         [ 'smk-config.json', '?' ],
        baseUrl:        'smk/dist'
        id:             'my-map'
    } )
    .then( function ( smk ) {
        // do something with smk object
        // smk === SMK.MAP[ 'my-map' ]
    } )
    .catch( function ( error ) {
        // smk initialization failed
    } )