Geocoder Address List Editor


Step 1 - Select all of the addresses that you wish to geocode from your spreadsheet, and copy/paste them into the text area below. You must include the column headings in your copy/paste, and you must have one column named addressString which must contain the input address.
Step 2 - Press "Geocode Data".
Step 3 - Delete any rows you do not want in your results by pressing the "Delete Row" button in the row.
Step 4 - Review the results and identify any low scoring addresses. Revise or correct the addressString and press the "Re-geocode Row" button to update the result. Show in Map shows the geocoded location, not the parcelPoint.
Step 5 - Press the "Export Results" button to save your changes, or alternatively press the "Copy Results to Clipboard" button and then paste the results into an existing spreadsheet.


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