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AGO - BC Map Hub (ArcGIS Online Subscription)

Last updated 2020-07-15



ESRI’s extension of ArcGIS into the cloud, ArcGIS Online provides a space to develop applications and share apps and contents for purposes of collaboration. The official BC Government location for ESRI’s ArcGIS Online (AGOL) tool. It is a cloud-based tool which allows a user to develop applications and share geospatial information. It is Useful to link GIS Analyst work with Business users to share maps and reports. Primary Strengths include the ability to create simple applications that can be built and shared with groups, a ministry, government or the public. There are many default templates to choose from including story books. For field data collection, there is ArcGIS Online collector for quick, simple field data collection. The elastic server architecture allows for high, short term use applications. This SaaS product is usefull for any business areas that may have internal GIS Staff who are able to build and support web mapping solution and who may not have access to software developers.

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