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  1. AGO’s ability to provide features that support access by the visually impaired depends on the selected template.
  2. With customization SMK can identify basic relationships between features.
  3. AGO’s ability to make predictions depends on the complexity of the analytical model. AGO has limited capabilities - we suggest adding ArcMap or Pro.
  4. The ability to access certain features (re-symbolize layers, perform custom printing) is only available to site authors.
  5. IMF2’s feature to collect data requires the development of a customized workflow.
  6. IMF2 and AGO both requires ArcGIS REST services for editing. This can be achieved through customization.
  7. Possible with a high-level of customization.
  8. The ability to make customizations and configurations requires a developer skill-set.
  9. CWM configurations are achieved through configuration of a JSON file. In the future a wizard library to pull from may be available.
  10. Available indirectly through REST/WMS/WFS.
  11. Depends on where it is deployed. Exported sites can be hosted anywhere - in Canada or elsewhere.
  12. Configuration is required to prevent SMK users from downloading datasets presented in WFS format.
  13. Requires an iStore request to increase server capacity as such increases capacity has delays and is not automatically responsive to demand.
  14. AGO requires a license for each user access. These licenses are an additional cost.
  15. • IMF2 - Achieved by creating a launch page that requests approved credential access to the URL at which the application is hosted. • SMK - can respect layer level security of data in the BCGW. For other data storage locations, it depends on architecture.
  16. If data should not be downloaded by end-users WFS should not be considered. WFS supplies the data in a vector format which allows anyone, with the required knowledge, to scrape data as it is displayed
  17. SMK will only export attribute files in a KML format.
  18. Skill-set required is driven by the level of configuration and customization.